SmartReo operates a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Brisbane to meet all your reinforcing steel needs. Our facility is the first and only one in Australia to use a new technology, SynthesisTM, to automate the manufacture of prefabricated industrial reinforcing steel. It offers flexible and customised solutions, that maximise value and delivers a range of additional benefits.

Reduced injury risk

SmartReo’s industrial reinforcing is manufactured off-site which significantly reduces the risk of injury associated with your workforce handling sharp and loose steel bars.  Off-site manufacture also means SmartReo reinforcing can be placed directly into final position using a crane, further reducing manual handling on your site.

Superior quality

Our steel reinforcing products are high quality, as our manufacturing process incorporates automated and computer-controlled machinery with tighter tolerances than traditional steel processing and a more consistent finished product.

Fewer resources needed onsite

You can save on working and storage space and equipment by using SmartReo’s prefabricated reinforcing steel products.

Cost effective

Our extensive expertise combined with SynthesisTM – new prefabrication technology – provides optimised production and the lowest possible cost on SmartReo’s steel reinforcing products.

Flexible production

SmartReo prefabricates steel reinforcing to order using a just-in-time supply chain at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. This means we can provide you with quick turnarounds, greater efficiency and the flexibility to accommodate changes in design.

Improved project schedules

Prefabricated reinforcing steel shortens construction cycles and removes onsite fixing from the critical path of a project’s construction program.

With our new prefabrication technology, inherent flexibility and expertise we can produce almost any design in steel reinforcing. Our fully flexible manufacturing process is capable of producing very small order quantities or production runs, unlike other traditional prefabrication processes.

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