EVENT: An introduction to SmartReo and Synthesis™

Introducing new prefabrication technology set to change the steel reinforcing industry in Australia.

In an Australian first, the new technology, known as Synthesis™, is fully automated and capable of prefabricating reinforcing steel at any quantity and design.

Synthesis™ transforms raw material to finished reinforcement for a vast range of precast and/or cast-in-situ applications in building and infrastructure projects.

Synthesis™ products adhere to the most stringent regulations governing construction of reinforcement.

SmartReo holds the exclusive license for the use of the technology in Australia and New Zealand.

This is a Technical Seminar introducing the technology and its applications and outlining how to incorporate it into your project designs. Your international presenter Thanos Dasaklis, a qualified civil engineer and member of the Synthesis™ development team, will cover:

  • SmartReo in Australia
  • Synthesis™ technology and software
  • Case studies and assessments

Event held in conjunction with Engineers Australia.

Event Details

Venue: The Pullman Brisbane
Date and Time: Wed 15 October, 5.30pm
Tickets are free
Registrations close Wed 8 October
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For further information contact:
Lachlan McCann – SmartReo Sales Manager
Phone: 0428 541 688
Email: lmccann@smartreo.com.au